MOLB-ILS Student Handbook – a look at classes & criteria


MOLB-ILS Student Forms

  • By the end of his/her first semester, it is the responsibility of each new student to submit the completed form to the MOLB-ILS Program Office. The form should be signed by the appropriate faculty members and student, and certified by the student’s major advisor in order to obtain a grade for MOLB-597.
Qualifying Exam Form
  • The qualifying examination should be taken after 12 credits of graduate work.  Upon passing the qualifying examination, the student will be admitted to the doctoral program.

TBA - Annual Meeting Report & Graduate Student Progress Evaluation Form - Due July 15th

  • Beginning with the second semester, each graduate student is expected to meet with his or her committee at least once per academic year to review progress toward your degree.  The results of this committee meeting must be reported to the MOLB Program Secretary no later than July 15th of each year, using the Graduate Student Progress Evaluation Form.  It is the student’s responsibility to schedule the committee meeting and deliver the signed Graduate Student Progress Evaluation Form to the MOLB-ILS Program Secretary in a timely manner.


Graduate Student Progress Questionnaire for Faculty Form


All Graduate Forms


Final Examination: M.S.

  • Please be aware of the deadlines for final exams, etc. for graduation as published by the Graduate School. The committee is then convened for a rigorous oral defense of the thesis.  The defense of the thesis may lead to additional questions in regard to the student’s disciplinary knowledge base, but this is not a requisite of the exam.  In special cases, this exam may also serve as the qualifying/core examination for the Ph.D. degree with pre-approval of the committee and the MBP director.

Doctorate of Philosophy Examination Form

  • FOR Doctoral Students (Doctorate of Philosophy).
    PURPOSE A student needs to submit this in order to sit for their examination.
    NOTE Exam form must reach Graduate School Office at least 10 working days before the date of the exam.

Program of Study Form

  • FOR all Doctoral students.
    PURPOSE:  Student needs to submit this, showing courses to be taken and courses currently being taken to fulfill requirements for program.

Graduate Advisor Form (pdf)


Space/Equipment Reservation Request Form – for MOLB-ILS Program