Sequencing Facility Information


Molecular Biology & Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Graduate Program

Sequencing Facility – W375 Chemistry Building

– ABI Analysis Sample Plate Form

– ABI Seq Sample Form (Single tube) Form

Information for sequencing facility users

Sample submission Instructions:

  1. Samples for sequencing should be dropped off on Mondays and Wednesdays by 4pm. If samples are submitted after this time, they will not be processed until the next date. Samples will be processed on Tuesdays and Thursday with an estimated 24-48 hour turnaround for low volume sample submissions (<40 sequences).
  2. Please notify and submit your form at least 24 hours prior to delivering your samples. Notification is important as this door is kept locked. The Administrative Associate (in W361) will open the door upon notification that you intend to make a drop off.
  3. Sample drop-off has changed. In order to keep foot traffic at a minimum a small refrigerator has been placed in the Molecular Biology hallway room Chem W375 for samples. Please place your samples in the refrigerator and be sure your samples are well labeled.
  4. Purified PCR products can be dropped off at a volume of 5-10ul per sequencing reaction. Don’t dilute
  5. Purified plasmids should be dropped off at a volume of at least 12ul per sequencing reaction. Make sure to dilute all samples to the same concentration between 60-100ng/ul.
  6. If you provide primers, please provide 5ul per sequencing reaction at a concentration of 5uM.
  7. Available universal primers are: T7, SP6, CMV, M13, and Gex5, all in the forward direction.
  8. Full service for sequencing samples is $8.50 per sample, per direction. If they are run-ready samples on a plate they are $2.15 per sample.
  9. Labeling: label all tubes with the date, sample number and requestor name The sample form you submit should have all the other details that can be matched with the sample number on tube.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions should you have any.