What is Master’s accelerated program (MAP)?

  • Students can take up to 12 hours of graduate level courses in their junior or senior year and get dual course credit that can be applied to both an undergraduate and master's degree.
  • Higher Learning Commission CRRT.B.10.020.B1c: an institution may allow well-prepared advanced students to substitute its graduate courses for required or elective courses in an undergraduate degree program and then subsequently count those same courses as fulfilling graduation requirements in a related graduate program that the institution offers.
Value of MAP
  • Accelerated master's degrees save undergraduate students the cost and study time of extra courses
  • Some undergraduate scholarships may cover graduate-level courses that dually count toward students’ undergraduate degree
How students qualify
  • Junior or senior level classification  
  • GPA of at least 2.75
  • Have completed at least 60 undergraduate credit hours, of which a minimum of 25 must be completed at NMSU and apply toward their undergraduate major 
What is the student's role
  • Indicate your program interest and understand program deadlines and requirements.
  • Complete the MAP Referral Form.  Other information: To learn more about Masters Accelerated Programs at NMSU, please see the information below. 
  • Meet with the MOLB-ILS Director for notification of admissions and course registration.
  • Academic Policies:
    • Can only take approved courses in the MOLB-ILS MAP program - Approved courses
    • Must maintain minimum GPA 3.2 related to the MOLB-ILS program
  • Complete the online Developing New Scholars Program
  • How to Apply to Move into your Master’s Program
  • Apply to Master’s program at the same time you file your Intent to Graduate from your Bachelor’s degree
  • Receive Master’s Program Admission Decision
  • Participate in a training through the Develop New Scholars Program – 30 min, first week of class